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Uganda Missions

CCUMC is in partnership with Youth and Child Visionary Ministries, a grassroots initiative focused on young people in Kumi, Uganda. One of the dreams of YCVM was to open a Christian primary school that would enable poor children to get a decent education and receive the Gospel. CCUMC responded to this dream by holding annual fundraising efforts starting in 2010. As a result, Kumi Christian Visionary School opened in 2014, and now serves hundreds of students in the Kumi region.

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Cambodia Missions

CCUMC has a partnership with Pastor Joseph and Marilyn Chan, who live and serve in their home country of Cambodia. Pastor Joseph and Marilyn are now retired from their lifetime of work as UMC missionaries, but continue to minister to youth, women, and seniors throughout the country.

Youth Ministry Programs

Homework Club

This is our outreach ministry program to elementary students and their families, supporting children's learning after school. Ms. Christine Li is the leader of this program. 

Please Contact Ms. Li via (510) 629-1020

AiF (Adventures in Faith)

AiF (Adventures in Faith) is CCUMC's ministry to the children with Homework Club.  This ministry is to help the children learn what faith is and to provide a safe and loving atmosphere for children as they embark upon their spiritual journey. 

Community Partnerships

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