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Our History

Chinese Community United Methodist Church was founded in Oakland, California, in 1887. The church was established as part of a chain of Methodist Chinese Missions by the Rev. Dr. Otis Gibson. In the early days, the Chinese Methodist Church held worship service and Sunday School. To serve the community, an English school for immigrants, and a Chinese school for the American born Chinese also operated. The early days were sustained by courageous workers, both Chinese and American born as there were strong anti-Chinese sentiments.

The church was located at several sites in Oakland Chinatown. By 1905, the church resided where it currently sits today. In 1913, a fire devestated the building and a new building was erected. But by the 1940s, the Church outgrew even this building. Under the leadership of Rev Edwar Lee, a new church and the current main sanctuary was built in 1952. With more growth, more space was needed, and a new social hall and classrooms annex was built in 1970.

Today, the Chinese Community United Methodist Church conducts both a Chinese language worship service and English worship service on Sundays.

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