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Safety Protocols at CCUMC


一、 必須全程佩戴口罩。最好是完整接種疫苗(包括加強劑)。
二、 請新朋友進到教會時留下聯繫資料。如果是本會會友,請招待 的兄姊在會友出
三、 隨時保持社交距離(三英尺以上)
·      與人打招呼時,應保持三英尺以上的距離。每個人感到自在的方式不同,請
·      已完整接種疫苗者應坐在聖殿中的座位(座位上有X 記號的地方請不要坐
四、  崇拜後教會不提供茶點,請自備茶水。廚房、副堂及二樓都不開放使用。

 不使用程序表。所有的詩歌、經文、報告事項等,都會在螢 幕上。
 戴著口罩時可以唱詩。
 奉獻 – 我們不輪傳奉獻盤。奉獻盤將會固定放在前面站台的桌上,奉獻時每
 聖餐 – 進入聖殿時,每個人會領到一份聖餐組合,裡面有餅與果汁。
 中文堂崇拜結束後,請移步至庭院。英文堂兄姊需要在庭院等待中文堂崇拜

Safety Protocols at CCUMC

1. Masks are required. Full vaccinations (including Boosters) are recommended.

2. Only newcomers will be asked to sign in. The greater/usher will check off the names of members who attend in person on the list provided by Pastor. This will be used to notify the attendees of that Sunday is someone attending church became ill with covid.

3. Social distance (3 feet) at all times:

  • Please be respectful of others and maintain a safe distance of 3 feet when greeting one another. While some may be comfortable with a hug or handshake, others may not, and each of us needs to respect the right of individuals to manage their own risk of infection

  • People with full vaccinations should sit in the sanctuary pews (do not sit where there is an X) and the seats in the social hall are for those not fully vaccinated for their safety.

4. There will not be tea or refreshments served after the service. You should bring your own water or tea. The kitchen, annex and the upstairs will not be accessible to anyone.

5. During worship time

  • No bulletins will be handed out. All information will be displayed on the tv screen. Also on display will be the scriptures and songs.

  • While masked, singing is allowed.

  • Offering - The offering plate will not be passed from person to person. An offering plate will be on a table on the platform and worshippers will talk up to place their offering.

  • Holy Communion - Each will be given an individual element packet upon entry at the door.

  • When CM service is finished, CM will walk out the front court. EM will also wait in the front court until Chinese worship is complete before enter, there is no waiting area or gathering indoors.

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