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Here you can learn more about our church, what we do in fellowship and in the community. Situated in the heart of Oakland's Chinatown, CCUMC is multi-generational in age and diverse in cultural heritage. We have many wise members who have lived long and enriching life to the little members who are just beginning to take their first steps. Our church family at CCUMC is also comprised of many who are new to this country but also those who are fourth (or more)-generation born in America and even the Bay Area. To meet the needs of this diversity, CCUMC is made up of two parallel language ministries: the Chinese-speaking Congregation, and the English-speaking Congregation. These two congregations have separate ministry councils which are led by dedicated members who focus on the needs specific to each congregation.

As part of the United Methodist Church, CCUMC seeks to open hearts, open doors, and open minds through active engagement with our world. Following the tradition of John Wesley and the founders of United Methodism, we place primary emphasis on Christian living, on putting faith and love into action, and endeavor to make what John Wesley referred to as "practical divinity" as a hallmark of our church's life.

We invite you to explore and learn more about our life together in Christ.

our history
Chinese Community United Methodist Church was founded in Oakland, California, in 1887. The church was established as part of a chain of Methodist Chinese Missions by the Rev. Dr. Otis Gibson. In the early days, the Chinese Methodist Church held worship service and Sunday School. To serve the community, an English school for immigrants, and a Chinese school for the American born Chinese also operated. The early days were sustained by courageous workers, both Chinese and American born as there were strong anti-Chinese sentiments.

The church was located at several sites in Oakland Chinatown. By 1905, the church resided where it currently sits today. In 1913, a fire devestated the building and a new building was erected. But by the 1940s, the Church outgrew even this building. Under the leadership of Rev Edwar Lee, a new church and the current main sanctuary was built in 1952. With more growth, more space was needed, and a new social hall and classrooms annex was built in 1970.

Today, the Chinese Community United Methodist Church conducts both a Chinese language worship service and English worship service on Sundays.

CCUMC staff
Pastor Brenda Walker grew up in the small town of Toronto, Ohio and in 1986 she moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to attend Point Park University. Brenda's husband of 24 years, Jim Walker, is also a United Methodist pastor. It was during the exciting and challenging early years of participating in a new church plant in urban Pittsburgh that Brenda was encouraged to pursue her passion for ministry by attending Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (PTS). She graduated from PTS in 2007 and was ordained as a United Methodist elder in 2010.

Brenda and Jim have recently joined the ranks of empty nesters. Their children, Daniel (18) and Carly (21) will pursue their undergraduate studies in Pittsburgh.

Brenda served in a variety of settings before her recent move to the Bay Area. Brenda shares, "What I have enjoyed the most about serving as a pastor is getting to know diverse communities and participating in the celebrations and struggles of people on the journey of faith. It's God's nature to be challenging us to broader horizons and new challenges. I am so excited for the new adventure God has called me to in the Cal/Nevada UM Conference and I look forward to getting to know the people of Chinese Community UMC as we worship, learn, and serve together in the year ahead."

Meina Ko (葛美娜) is the Minister of Discipleship (傳 道) at CCUMC. She graduated from Tainan Theological Seminary (台南神 學院) and served in the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. After that she went on advanced studies at Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. Meina loves to be with people together to study God’s Word earnestly and carefully, and to grow in faith as disciples of Jesus Christ. She seeks to foster a community that recognizes one another as companions on the way of the cross and that is available for counsel and support to each other. Meina wants to serve community as fulfillment of our covenant calling of being a blessing to others.

Theresa Leung is our church secretary. During the week, Theresa receives church visitors and answers the church phone.
who are united methodists?
United Methodists come in all sizes, shapes, colors, dispositions, outlooks and life experiences, but they share a unique outlook forged in the shared experience of a church and a nation born in a century of remarkable change. No matter how or where they serve Jesus Christ around the world, United Methodists do God’s work in a unique connectional covenant. Our theological traditions are steeped in the Protestant Reformation and Wesleyanism, and similar ecclesiastical structures and relationships that date back almost two hundred years. John Wesley and the early Methodists saw their work in the simplest, most uncomplicated terms: Do all the good you can, to all the people you can, in all places you can. We are dedicated to a life of Christian purpose – a life of participation and personal responsibility, of generosity, sacrifice and self-restraint, responding to the call of Jesus Christ.

Today we speak many languages and live in many countries – with different cultures, ethnic traditions, national histories and understandings of Christian faith and practice. We are a covenant community, concerned about God’s children everywhere.

In life’s clouds of doubt and division, we see the sunlight of God’s purpose that brings healing, hope and harmony. We love worship, study of God’s word, music, church suppers, and a sense of community, a sense of belonging. We welcome people of faith into our churches, and people who are searching for answers to life’s tough questions, too, because we know what it’s like to fee alone and unsure… to need a welcoming place with open hearts, open minds, open doors. We roll up our sleeves and say, "Let’s get to work," as we answer the call to make disciples of Jesus Christ. We live the promise we made the day we joined The United Methodist Church… the promise of our prayers, our presence, our gifts and our service.

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